Monthly Archives: September 2012

A birds’ haven in the making

Dear readers, It is now just about a month since we effected the idea of the Vigilance strategy at Bunyala Rice Irrigation Scheme. With the resources provided by our kind sponsors we have been able to forge the way forward in the face of suspicion, resistance and confrontations by poachers. The physically demanding nature of […]

Evolution of the vigilance strategy

Dear readers, We are glad that in our third week of intensive scouting and monitoring, only few cases of poisoning have been encountered with no poisoning during the past 2 weeks. We are however careful not to declare absolute successful eradication of bird poisoning as yet since poisoning of birds on a smaller scale has […]

Investigation results into the Long Crested Eagle’s killing

Dear friends, We try to understand the motive of bird poisoning or other killing of the cases we encounter so as to better understand what we are standing up against. This in turn helps us to be able to know how to formulate applicable solutions. Broadly, bird poisoning and general poaching in Bunyala is a […]

One of the first successful bird migrations through Bunyala this season

Dear readers, The vigilance strategy assesses local and migrant species at the rice irrigation plantation on a daily basis. Through our daily records we are able to observe the trends of occurrence of species and their numbers at various weather conditions (inclusive of position & phase of the moon which is helpful in determining a […]

1000+ migrant waterbirds this evening alone

Dear readers, Today’s post is a quick note to share our experience this evening. This afternoon at about 1430hrs Fetsus, one of my team mates alerted us of flooding in the easternmost section of Bunyala Rice Irrigation Scheme. Not only did this turn out to be an excellent application of recently acquired knowledge by the […]

Fighting Bird Poisoning…& now trapping in Bunyala

Dear readers, Our early morning survey yesterday (Monday) morning starting 0545hrs to 1100hrs for birds and bird poisoning incidences ended on an exciting note. The evening downpour on Sunday left me expectant of more migrants the next day & we had to cross through mire and water to find our way to the site. In […]

One week into the vigilance strategy in Bunyala

Dear readers, it has been one week of persuasions, intensive surveys and learning sessions. Today was the first weekly pay day for my scouts and many, being believers left for church afterwards. I have therefore had some time to look at the work that we have accomplished during the week before we resume again tomorrow. […]

More migrants and an awkward recruiting session in Bunyala Rice Scheme

An early start of the day’s surveys heightens the chances of meeting with poachers who capitalize on the early rising habit of birds while also avoiding the public amongst whom a few ‘Judases’ might give them away to punishment authorities. We intend to approach every other poacher and persuade them to join our course even […]

The first joint bird survey with 6 new scouts at Bunyala Rice Irrigation Scheme

Dear readers Following a downpour last night, it was not possible to start the day at the usual 0600hrs. Instead Joseph & I waited for the 10 O’clock sunshine before slowly making our way to the individual homes of our would be new 6 scouts. I was nervous and uncertain if we would even meet […]

Children Poachers

Dear readers, I wish to inform you that I am now in Bunyala, western Kenya and have commenced on the fieldwork on the vigilance strategy. I will try to update you as regularly as possible even though I am constrained by poor network and intermittent power supply besides the long fatiguing days (of which I […]