Monthly Archives: August 2012

Activities of the Vigilance Strategy against bird poisoning

Dear readers, Counting down about 5 days to the commencement of the vigilance strategy in Bunyala, I wish to share with you the actual activities that will be carried out aimed at mitigating the poisoning activities. I am thankful for your continued support through donations with which we will productively utilize to improve the situation. […]

Haunting scenes of torture & death by poisoning

Dear readers, I continue to illustrate what we are standing up against and continue to call on your support. The following images depict what I have had to endure for the sake of getting evidence that was once challenged as non-existent. I (myself above) have counted dying and dead birds with the help of particularly […]

Help save impeccable raptor birdlife imperilled by poisoning in Kenya

Dear readers, I wish to thank those who have generously pledged/donated funds towards the intensified vigilant strategy at Bunyala Rice Scheme in Kenya starting next month. I continue to implore your continued support to attain the targeted USD1450 for the successful implementation of the strategy. Please also keep reading, commenting and sharing the revelations of […]

Support the vigilance strategy to end bird poisoning in Bunyala Rice Irrigation Scheme, Kenya

Dear readers, this is a personal appeal to you to help me fight this atrocity of bird poaching through poisoning during and after this palaearctic bird migration season. Poisoned palaearctic migrant waders inclusive of Wood Sandpipers, Green Sandpipers and Ruffs among other species Maimed individuals of those that do not succumb immediately to the poison. […]

Status of deliberate bird poisoning for human consumption in Kenya

This video of struggling intoxicated African Openbills, recorded about a month ago sums up the current situation of bird poisoning in Bunyala, Kenya. embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt During 2009, the first study of this kind in Kenya documented tallies of deliberately poisoned birds for human consumption in Bunyala Rice Irrigation Scheme. Over 30 species […]