Monthly Archives: July 2011

China bans carbofuran!

Dear friends We believe that our campaign to have carbofuran banned in Kenya is on a positive trend bolstered by the fact that the Pest Control Products Board has for the first time agreed to discuss the recent reports on pesticide poisoning of birds. However, we remain concerned at the extremely slow pace of response […]

It is never about safety

Aphids are notorious plant/leaf-eating pest. I recall during my undergraduate studies hoping onto a bicycle¬† and heading to the campus farm fields to secure an assortment of substances-neem, sugar solution, etc-up citrus plants of what constituted one of my professor’s project.The aim was to get a substance that would constructively distract a biological set up […]

Not Just WildlifeDirect complaining about Carbofuran

Dear Friends, Sometimes we feel alone in our campaign but there are others out there¬† who are concerned about carbofuran and other pesticides. Here are some great links African Answerman wrote a very detailed blog post about the history of Carbofuran in USA here Here is part of what he wrote “In California alone more […]