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TV Interview on pesticide poisoning of wildlife with K24’s Jeff Koinange

The issue of wildlife poisoning using Furadan and other pesticides has attracted much concern in Kenya. Jeff Koinange asked me to talk about it on Capital Talk, K24 on June 28th 2011. The interview raised a flurry of tweets and FB messages as well as hundreds of emails from concerned Kenyans saying WE HAVE TO […]

Shocking video on bird poisoning with pesticide in Kenya

Dear all, We didn’t want to release this film as it is so disturbing. But then we owe it to the Kenyans whose lives are at risk. Here’s hoping that the Kenya Government will do something about this disaster about to happen. embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Click here for video on poisoning of birds […]

Bird life gravely undermined by poisoning for bushmeat in Kenya

Bushmeat is more often associated with mammals (majorly modest to large-sized mammals where herbivores like Giraffes and Antelopes, or primates such as monkeys come to mind first) which are an obvious tourist attractions. It is therefore possible that birds are overlooked as a lesser attraction yet many of these are important indicator species of the […]

Wild duck poisoning slide show

Bird poisoning follows a cycle in Bunyala. At planting season, water floods the fields and attracts water birds. The ducks are therefore in season at the moment and is their turn to be poisoned. embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt The Open-billed Storks occur at the site in all seasons and are poisoned throughout the year. […]

Dying birds of of the world in Bunyala

Bunyala Rice Irrigation field may just be known as the most westerly paddy plantation in Kenya and possibly one of the most expanded in recent years. But the area is the heartland of  a once remarkable macrobiodiversity area. The neighborhoods are known by names of  animals once known of the area. Budalang’i area, once locally […]

A deep rooted poisoning culture

Our early start today seemed auspicious! not a poacher on sight at the expansive Bunyala Rice irrigation Scheme!0600hrs was the precise time that we set foot at the Eastern edge of the rice plantation. We continued our diplomatic educating and negotiating approach  while at the same time probed to get a feedback on how each […]

Furadan 5G-Withdrawn but still legal in Kenya

The ruling by the supreme court against revocation of carbofuran tolerances on food in the United States yet again shows us the way to go concerning carbofuran. Clearly, the substance is not justifiably safe. When FMC announced that they were withdrawing supply of Furadan to Kenya (& East Africa) in 2009, for a moment we […]