Monthly Archives: May 2011

Bizarre bird poisoning scenes this week

This is Carbofuran being handled with bare hands by a bird poacher. This poacher is comfortable with his catch when it is stored under his shirt!! This is not a humane way of handling birds, even though they may be intoxicated. In a rice field the sight of sacks evokes the thought of harvested rice […]

Rescued ‘she’ Knob-bill

Dear readers, Today‚Äôs story is a guest post by my assistant and apprentice, Terry Andenga. Terry is helping me survey for the status of bird poisoning using Furadan in Bunyala, Kenya. I hope to work with her on the poisoning issue even elsewhere beyond Bunyala. We both have a passion for birds. Martin and I […]

Continuing Bunyala Bird poisoning Woes

Dear readers. Its been 3 years since Furadan was pulled off by FMC from Kenya. That notwithstanding, Furadan is still in full scale availability and use in some of our rice irrigation schemes but sadly for anything but proper agricultural application. The source of the poison enjoys loyal concealment by the poachers with varrying and […]

Bunyala poisoning with Furadan in May 2011

Dear Friends, this is the scene in front of our Martin Odino who is on the ground in Bunyala. The poisoning of birds and fish using Furadan continues despite FMC’s promise that the product is not available throughout East Africa (a HUGE lie) and despite the Kenya Governments promise to do something about it. Martin […]