Monthly Archives: December 2009

Stop poisoning lions with Furadan

Working during the holiday season is not a chore when you get to do blogging from the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I spent the last few days with Antony Kasanga of Lion Guardians Blog who has been educating his community about the need to protect lions. This season a new generation of young Masai men […]

Pierre Mineau interview on bird deaths due to pesticides

Dear all, These are exerpts from an interview between Pierre Mineau and Laura Sevier published in The Ecologist Reports of mass bird mortality from pesticide use made environmentalist Rachel Carson speak of a ‘silent spring’ in her groundbreaking 1962 book. Forty seven years after the publication of the book, uncounted millions of birds around the […]

Court rules against FMC on Carbofuran ban

Dear Friends, We have just heard from the Defenders of Wildlife that the DC Circuit yesterday rejected a request by FMC Corporation, the manufacturer of carbofuran, and several U.S. users of carbofuran, for a stay of EPA’s decision to revoke food tolerances of the deadly pesticide. FMC and some organizations were trying to prevent the […]

Full text of the Pest Control Products Act Kenya

Dear all, this document was freely available on the Kenyan PCPB website but seems to have been removed. I’ve uploaded it for public access here. Most other laws of Kenya are freely available online through various ministries.

Video Interview of Furadan Victim’s Father

On the morning of 26 October this year, 3-years old Nelson Kimutai woke up and went out to play as he’s always done throughout his short life. Little did he know that it was the last day of play for him. That evening, his father Nahashon Kigai arrived from the local primary school where he […]