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The Continuing Saga of Disappearing Birds in Bunyala

Dear readers, I have had to partly keep you off from the monotony of bird poisoning in Bunyala to and in part to deal with a larger study area having extended my surveys into a section of a southerly bordering nationally unique Important Bird Area. The area has been renowned to contain 8 of the […]

Carbofuran is a threat in Thailand

Its not just in Kenya, activivists in Thiland have just reported that Carbofuran in Thailand is a major Public Health Risk In Research on 22/11/2009 at 1:33 pmTo be translated and distributed at the upcoming  ?????????????????????????????????? ???????? 9 (The 9th National Plant Protection Conference) For background information, please visit our report Turning Crisis Into Opportunity and […]

Carbofuran ban is good for everyone – in USA only

This really good article from Tree hugger explains the benefits of the carbofuran ban in USA As of the end of the year, one more pesticide will be absent from food crops grown in the United States. In May the EPA ruled that the current residue limits of the insecticide carbofuran on food crops was […]

3 year old Child dies after eating Furadan in Kenya

Dear friends, We can confirm the tragic reports of a human death due to carbofuran poisoning. Just today we spoke on phone with the heartbroken father of a child who died of Furadan poisoning. The report of this death first appeared on Kenya’s The Standard newspaper on Friday, 30 October 2009 saying that on Monday, […]

FMC respond to report on lion killing with carbofuran

In a recent statement the FMC responded to the rebroadcasting of the CBS 60 Minutes show on the poisoning of lions. Note my comments in bold italics against their claims reproduced here In The News · We expanded our contact with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Africa to improve reporting of suspected poisonings.July 26, 2009 FMC […]

Carbofuran ban in USA will affect imports

The implications of the revocation of carbofuran tolerances which we reported previously will spread well beyond USA as it will affect all food imports. This note is from an article in WildifeExtra The Worldwide implications of carbofuran ban in USA “The revocation of all food tolerances has international implications, as imports of rice, coffee, bananas […]

Carbofuran also misused in USA

We have been talking mostly about the misuse of  carbofuran in Africa and we sometimes feel despondent at the hopelessness of the situation facing lions, hyenas, vultures and other animals not to mention African farmers and consumers. In Africa carbofuran is easily available over the counter,  it is very cheap and is an extremely effective […]

10 more lions poisoned in Masai Mara

WildlifeDirect has been raising the alarm about cattle in Kenya’s parks for some time know – cattle grazing in the park will lead to conflict with lions and this has an inevitable outcome. CAttle will die and then lions will be killed  in retaliation.  We warned of diseases when cattle started dying in the parks, […]