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USA: zero tolerance for carbofuran – its not safe

Dear all We are pleased to share this press release today from the EPA   WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is moving forward to implement the agency’s May 2009 final rule revoking tolerances, or residue limits, for the pesticide carbofuran. EPA continues to find that dietary exposures to carbofuran from all sources combined […]

Cancellation process for carbofuran in USA and Canada

Despite all the evidence raised by WildlifeDirect and partners on the impact of Carbofuran on wildlife (lions, birds, fish, insects), the Kenya Pest Control Products Board has not been supportive and indeed states that there is no evidence that the product is dangerous. Unlike Canada and USA, the Kenya Government does not provide consumers with […]

Pesticide regulation authority is failing Kenyans

I am very sad that the CEO of the Kenyan Pest Control Products Board (PCPB), Mrs Gladys Maina cannot have a serious conversation with us about carbofuran poisoning in Kenya. She appears to be bitterly angry that WildilfeDirect has called for a ban on this product. This does not make a lot of sense to […]

Purple killer – the slide show

Carbofuran kills lions View more presentations from WildlifeDirect. Music provided by Kevin McLeod – to all you out there who have stood by us we  Thank you! Your support gives us strength.

The rains and bird kills

Conditions are looking up for any life form with the onset of rains in Bunyala. The local rice irrigation scheme which is esssentially the area’s industrial zone giving most people a chance to earn a penny is bustling with activity at the moment. And the rains have boosted foliage for livestock which are looking fine […]

Evading the snow to encounter poisoning

The deadly aspect about Furadan and any other poisoning is its concealed manner of killing. It is even worse when those using the chemical to kill wildlife do it in an unobtrusive way. I mean stealth and seemingly normal movements when in reality they are taking down unsuspecting victims. A monotonous sentences composition for this […]

No Furadan for Rice Farming but for Bird Poisoning

Dear Readers, Apologies for my irregular writing lately. Many atimes I have been confronted by unavoidable field challenges unfavourable for blogging but I will keep doing my best to fully update you whenever the opportunity allows. My posts are therefore bound to be long but interesting so please kindly hang in there and read them […]