Monthly Archives: September 2009

Pesticides the No 1 killer of lions in Kenya

Sad news, we’ve just heard that five more lions have died as a result of pesticide poisoning. We are waiting for results. The Kenya Wildlife Service has come out loud and clear about the role that Furadan is playing in the killing of lions.This graph says it all. Of the 100 lions killed in the […]

FMC’s Furadan Supply Halt in May 2008!

Dear readers, I have been underground for a while! I mean to apologize but…. I am still on with the business of ending wildlife poisoning. I will be back soon with stories at my study site in Bunyala. The blog title above not only rekindles hope that the remaining stocks of Furadan are now getting […]

5 lions poisoned in Serengeti

Dear Friends, this report is just in from Arusha from a colleague. We will get photos shortly. “I met a guy who confessed that Furadan has been recently (2weeks ago) used to kill 5 lions around Serengeti. TANAPA are investigating and they have taken samples of the dead lions to establish the actual poison. The […]

Furadan is in stock

This report just came in from Tanzania “Most of the agro shops have Furadan in Kampala. It is in KISORO as well right next to the Gorillas. I have samples of a blue powder from the Game Dept in Uganda taken at the site of poisonings . There have been bad kill off of hyena […]

Lion poisoning in Tanzania

We just received this from someone who wants to remain anonymous I checked out Furadan sales in the town of Arusha. We found it in the first store we went to. And, lots of it, available in 200 gm, 500 gm and 1 kilo amounts. We asked what it was used for and the first […]