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Humans getting intoxicated with Furadan

Dear readers, the summary on the post 4 points on carbofuran poisoning in humans revealed intentional poisoning in humans as the mode by which human mortalities occured. So is the case for lion poisoning and likewise bird poisoning. But EPA spells that even proper use of the pesticide is harmful especially to children, hence the […]

Why Furadan poisoning is not just a kenyan matter

Dear readers, Thank you for reading, commenting and donating on this blog. We are also very thankful to the CBS 60 minutes for their recent video and story on sunday, 26/07/09. Please keep supporting us to bring an end to the gross and harmful poisoning of wildlife. While I prepare to get to the ground […]

CBS 60 minutes follow up

Dear friends, Last night CBS 60 minutes re-ran the story on the link between the collapse of lion populations in Africa, and the misuse of the pestsicide Furadan, a carbofuran produced in the USA. There is a video here and the online piece attracted 119 comments. Hopefully this piece will  energise the discussions in Kenya […]

Furadan’s legality in Kenya

The big question as concerns Furadan poisoning in Kenya is if the pesticide’s availability is legal or illegal. This leaves the situation as concerns practical legal measures to check poisoning of wildlife especially using Furadan uncertain. At the moment, my understanding and many involved conservationists is that the pesticide has been withdrawn from Kenya since […]

Bird Poisoning: a desperate hunting technique?

We visited one poacher’s home at his invitation in Bunyala. This man is a renowned veteran hunter and he confirms in his melancholic narration of how once wild ungulates -‘large’ antelopes, gazelles and warthogs- as well as hares roamed the hilly relief features of Bunyala. The old man, probably in his late 60’s says he […]

Furadan Everywhere?

Furadan not only poisons the animals it is directly used to poison but also gets into the water, soil and plants. Bunyala is an amazing, almost perfect plain ‘s land. It was checking out this panoramic view that it occcured to me that on the flat surface, just like the water flows to almost submerge […]

How far we have come with Furadan Poisoning in Kenya

So far! Bunyala Rice Irrigation Scheme: In these rice fields, birds are poisoned using Furadan by the thousands each month Dear readers, early 2000 marked the start of confronting the problem of poisoning using Furadan by conservationists especially ornithologists amongst others ecologists in Kenya. Furadan had been introduced into Kenya in the early 80’s as […]

An Indicator of Furadan poisoning

Captive Open-billed Storks are amongst the creatures that endure the most pain in the business of bird poisoning using Furadan. I have already written much about these birds kept in captivity and used to draw others to eat Furadan-fouled molluscs in many posts. But I just must write about them yet again because the poachers […]

Furadan Availability

Dear readers, Just having finished combing the rice growing areas a few days ago to find out if Furadan is still at large and used for poisoning, at least birds, affirmatively the pesticide is available in these rice schemes turned poisoning camps. A moment ago, I checked my email inbox only to find one from […]

Some Observations on Birds Poisoned Using Furadan

Dear readers, no doubt it is hard to be certain that Furadan is responsible for the poisoning of wildlife in a poisoning incidence unless you carry out lab tests on the wildlife samples which is possible to get 100% precision as far as Furadan 5G carbofuran testing is concerned in just one local lab. But […]