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I cannot find or get Furadan in Mwea but a few can

Dear readers, Time for me to pack up and get to Nairobi for proper medical check up and some good rest. Mwea is pleasant countryside, Mt. Kenya towers in the sky prominently especially in the mornings and evenings for anyone looking around for something such as myself. A vast stretch too and the sun comes […]

4 points on carbofuran poisoning in humans

Dear readers, Not quite on my feet to survey beyond my window which does not even give me the rice scheme’s view but I have something to share. EPA ruled hazardous the use of carbofuran even when used correctly. It has an antidote in case of poisoning. I think it is the most unused antidote […]

Thank you and apologies

I wish to thank our dear readers for your comments and donations hitherto. I am also very sorry for going quiet for almost one week. I assumed that I was fatigued when I came from Bunyala and would handle just alright going to Mwea but I was wrong. just after getting the birds’ test results […]

Poisoned Birds’ Test Results

Hi readers, We have results for carbofurn testing from the Government Chemist of the Birds collected from Bunyala in May. 5 out of 6 samples tested positive for carbofuran poisoning. The samples were collected from Bunyala on the 04/05/2008 and transported frozen overnight to Nairobi. In Nairobi, they coninued to be frozen at the nearest […]

How Elephants are poisoned using Furadan

The post Elephants Poisoned With Furadan in Tanzania just makes sense with Kenyan’s providing a vivid Furadan poisoning illustration yet again. The photograph above shows cabbages picked on elephant trails in a place in Kenya called Mweiga in the neighbourhood of Abardares National Park. A cavity is bored by the farmer(s) into the vegetables and […]

Horrible things happening in Laikipia

Dear friends I have just come back from the Masai Mara where a lion was poisoned on 25th May. The Masai told me that it is not unusual for lions to be poisoned,  indeed they said 5 had been poisoned just 2 months ago!I went to a local agrovet store in Narok town to ask […]

30 species of birds from 12 Families caught on photo Poisoned in Bunyala

Hi. I just checked my data so far of birds poisoned from one site (Bunyala) and realized that I have recorded 30 species from 12 different families as victims of Furadan poisoning during the 5 months that I have been collecting data in Bunyala. The number is higher given that I do not have photos […]

Ignored Nature’s alarms: Poisoning birds and making man vulnerable

The rains finally came consistent and heavy from around mid May for 1 week. Bounty seemed the best description of anything dependant on the rains. Of relevance to my project, All African open-billed Storks seemed to have come to congregate in Bunyala. My assistant likened the scene to that of flamingoes. He says he does […]

Thank you for your petition

An angel has set up a petition on Care2 to help get carbofuran banned in Kenya. It includes a letter to the Minister for Tourism in Kenya.  The petition currently has over 14,000 signatures!     Thank you who ever you are who is helping us silently from out there. We continue to work hard […]

Furadan availability and expansion of rice growing area; A major conservation threat in Bunyala!

Just when I commenced on this month’s survey, I wrote of continued poisoning in Bunyala just when there should not be, given the withdfrawal of Furadan supply by FMC, the wildlife poisoning critisism associated with Furadan use and the seemingly reduction of furadan use hence availability due to proposed other crop growing in the Bunyala […]