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More on Furadan mis use in Masai Mara

According to authorities in the Masai Mara one person has been arrested in connection with the poisoning of a lion, hyenas and many vultures last week. However, there is growing evidence that Furadan is viewed primarily for pest control in parts of Kenya. I just got this in from a tour operator ” A Maasai […]

Another lion poisoned in the Mara

We have just heard from a reliable source that at least 35 vultures, one lion and a few hyeanas were poisoned bye the Olololaimutiak gate in the Masai Mara last week. We are in the process of finding out if this is Furadan. It certainly sounds like Furadan from reports so far. Evidence will be […]

Poisoned pigeon in Bunyala caught on video

(Dear readers, I apologize the Furadan Poisoned Pigeon video was disabled from You Tube for some reason and is unavailable on this post at the moment. We are however doing everything possible to re-embed it . please leep reading the other posts in the meantime). The Mara Lion poisoning post with the poisoned lion video […]

Bird-killing pesticide facing a ban in Canada

U.S. regulator announces crackdown on carbofuran, and Canadian health authorities are considering whether to follow suit Mark Hume Vancouver – Globe and Mail Update, Wednesday, May. 20, 2009 11:05PM EDT A toxic agricultural pesticide blamed for killing up to 100 million birds a year in North America and for poisoning lions in Africa, is facing […]

The endangering forces attributed to Furadan Poisoning

I have mentioned in a number of my earlier posts of confirmed allegations that White-faced Whistling Ducks were the prefered targeted bird for wild bird meat by poachers and consumers some years back. While the African Open-billed Stork is now the most dramatic in terms of manner of poisoning and numbers poisoned, the White-faced whistling […]

Furadan is a lurking menace

Hi friends. I have a couple of things that seem to be looking up which I would like to put across to you. Indeed you are the pro-anti-wildlife poisoning community with whom we share with every little success we attain. Thank you so much for your support and please keep supporting us. First, We [Dr. […]

Non-acute intoxication in the African Open-billed Stork

On the average, I estimate the African Open-billed Storks in Bunyala to weigh about 1.5 Kg and standing at 55cm, with neck fully, uprightly stretched.Poachers reveal that the African Open-billed Stork is their favourite poisoning target, especially when dealing with a non-suspecting flock. African Open-billed Storks. The situation gets tricky after the birds winess the […]

Anecdotal evidence of Furadan Poisoning

Well, proving furadan pesticide poisoning is one of the most elusive concepts that those who may not be out to witness poisoning are priviledged not to be taunted with. Saturday, 21:30 hrs in Kenya and I am wondering what happens to my samples lying at KEPHIS laboratory. It has been a week since I submitted […]

Twisted attitudes behind poisoning

Hi readers, These 2 poisoned storks and indeed most storks have their necks twisted or strangled to ensure they dont escape once poisoned. Look at the necks of the above storks, almost featherless where the necks were turned around. Yes, poverty may be a factor behind the massive bird poisoning witnessed in Bunyala. But I […]

The eye; the identity

Dear readers, this is a cool off post. No terror of poisoning today.The saddening gloom of this blog should actually bring hope and panacea to the poor animals suffering poisoning by furadan. Today I will write about one of the most important identification feature that I employ in this survey. This survey has bird identification […]