Elephants poisoned with Furadan in Tanzania

It has just been reported to us from a credible source that Furadan is also used to poach elephants in Tanzania and Kenya. Apparently Furadan laced cabbages are left out for elephants to consume, once affected by the poison, the animals are tracked and killed (or they wait for them to die), their ivory removed and sold to dealers.

The person who reported this claimed that the 712 kg of ivory recently siezed on the Kenya/Tanzania border may have come from elephants killed in this way.

We are trying to verify this report and encourage anyone who may have information to write to us on info@wildlifedirect.org

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5 comments on “Elephants poisoned with Furadan in Tanzania

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  2. Dana-Phoenix Arizona on said:

    My God! This is horrible if true. I hope the people that make it are reading these posts.

  3. Brenton H on said:

    Appalling news but I imagine Furadan is used for many insidious purposes. Brenton.

  4. Alana on said:

    To Dana-Phoenix Arizona 29 April 2009

    You said;
    “I hope the people that make it are reading these posts.”

    You can be assured they are. I sent the video clip of the paralyzed lion to several scientists who have worked, or do work for FMC.

    Once again, it is a case of humans not bothering to consider the whole, and that EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. The corporate heads are interested in profit and have little to no regard for intrinsic value. Mother Nature will win in the end, one way or another. Those behind the profit schemes will pay a price they cannot afford to buy their way out of with US dollars. If they don’t live to see the ills of their ways, certainly their children and grandchildren will. It is a sad saga. It doesn’t have to unfold this way.

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