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More doves and pigeons dropping from the skies

Hi readers. While it may be interesting to watch a flock of doves perform their twisty manouvres in the skies, it is disturbing when out of the breath-taking feat, a couple of objects that seem to have been part of the flock, all of a sudden come tumbling to the ground! These were actually furadan-poisoned […]

Elephants poisoned with Furadan in Tanzania

It has just been reported to us from a credible source that Furadan is also used to poach elephants in Tanzania and Kenya. Apparently Furadan laced cabbages are left out for elephants to consume, once affected by the poison, the animals are tracked and killed (or they wait for them to die), their ivory removed […]

18 poisoned storks and a rescued dove

The bird species being poisoned in Bunyala Rice scheme depend on the state in which the paddy field is in. This time, the crop has been harvested and threshing is in its closing stages. A lot of grains are scattered about since the process is done manually; beating the stalks with the grains with sticks. […]

Poisoning predators in Tsavo

I just received this from the Friends of Tsavo, it seems that Furadan poisoning is a major problem there too.  The author of the article told me that he actually saw the purple granules on the carcass but did not collect samples – they simply burned them. This newsletter is reproduced here with permission from […]

Poisoned Birds to Count

Hi dear readers! I have commenced on the April-May survey down in Bunyala.The rains are here, the locals’ morale is high and…..sadly, bird poisoning is still raging grande at large scale magnitudes. The rains have definatelycome with changes: Hope to the locals since there is now expectation that the planted corn, from which the staple […]

Mocap is grey

During the meeting between FMC and Wildlifedirect together with involved conservationists on Furadan poisoning issues, a number of disturbing issues arose from what I will regard as normal defending of your own from the way FMC talked highly of Furadan. I saw dismay in my colleagues faces when one FMC representative proclaimed that we needed […]

Some Beauty in Bunyala

It is not true that Bunyala only boasts of its ugly bird poisoning incidences. I must admit many at times, clips of mother nature’s beauty flash past my gaze. Sadly, quite many of these miss being captured and stored in my camera’s memory for exposition to my dear readers. Kindly excuse me because I am […]

A Thank you note

Dear readers, I am obligated to thank you all for your support hitherto. Thank you for visiting to read this blog and commenting and advising accordingly. I want to very specially also thank those of you who have donated towards this blog’s cause – to end wildlife poioning. In particular I want to recognize those […]

We are losing breeding birds

Wild Birds are busy chaps, waking up early not just to catch the worm, but to hunt to catch the worm. The worm is in essence a real worm or grain or fish or frog or snail or termite or ant, just to mention but a few. This food gives the birds the energy to […]

Bird Poisoning Profession

In the last 2 months, I have been exposed to the world of bird poisoning using furadan to have realized that the activity is a profession with ranks of expertise, areas of specialization and characterized by greed for success or ambition if it was a legal undertaking which comes out by the defined hunting boundaries […]