Monthly Archives: March 2009

Poisoning of Abdim’s Storks

Hi people! It is so disturbing that most of the birds that I have encountered poisoned during this March-April phase of my study are migrants. Just corresponds with the time when the visitors are about to take off to their breeding lands. While most of my earlier posts have depicted use of live decoys to enhance furadan […]

Less migrants will be returning home

Hi. While we are priviledged to host many migrant birds from the northern tropics in our lands, it is obvious that fewer migrant birds will be going back home. I am out in Busia, Bunyala and this is the scenario. Thanks to Furadan. Wood Sandpipers More Sandpipers. Yellow Wagtails. And our  own still dying, rather, being killed in […]

Killing of birds revolution

So Furadan seems to have come in just to make the locals of Bunyala destructive to their bird biodiversity. Backtracking on their origins, their folklore typifies the Banyalas (the local people) as occupational pastoralists with marked traces of hunting (including fishing) and gathering amongst ‘chosen’ family lineages.  The photograph above was taken last month. While surveying […]

Raptors and migrants also poisoned

While it is more obvious that there is poisoning of small to medium-sized birds using Furadan around Bunyala Rice Scheme, the larger raptors are seen to kite, soar and hover searching for their food. It is almost hard to suspect that even the birds of prey are possible victims of  Furadan posoning because; nobody directly targets raptors for poisoning and the issue of […]

Kenya’s wild bird meat trade overlooked

So it appears we are yet to witness the worst as Paul Redfern, author of the article Health alert over rise in bush trade in The EastAfrican has elaborated. “…rising food prices, a rash of crop failures and wide-ranging impacts of the global recession have led to a rise in bushmeat trade in Kenya.” A […]

Detoxication of Furadan

Hi. Every evening after a scorching daytime heat we would patiently doze before our lap top screens waiting for our modems to pick up some modest internet connection to enable us get online. On our last night of our reconnaisance in Bunyala, somehow we could not doze or get down to some work online. One […]

Big congregatory birds in greater peril hypothesis

Hi readers! I have been able to establish communication with some hunters and while I still hope to woo more into talking freely with me, the few I have interacted with are revealing a whole lot of techniques whose suitability befits the birds that a hunter is targetting. An overview of the techniques reveals that […]