Monthly Archives: October 2008

Vignettes of Wildlife Killing

Apologies for my absentism which made it impossible for me to post any stories. I was out in Amboseli National Park which looked all tranquil and safe. Jumbos are big and dominant. Back in Nairobi, I have received a number of poisoning incidences but are sketches of the real stories. I blame inadequate expertise and […]

Basins,Sacks and Pick-ups of poisoned birds

Biodiversity is faltering the world over as BBC reveals that current trends imply that world governments will fail to meet their agreed targets of curbing biodiversity loss by 2010. Habitat loss, hunting,pollution and the grande global warming phenomenon have all come down heavily to crush biodiversity to the edge of the limit of survival. These […]

About our animals

Hi, Today’s post will in a simple way acknowledge animals! In the African culture, bounty of species is a blessing. I pluralize species in the sense that the more the heads of cattle and variety of livestock; the more the wives and offspring tagged to a man’s name; the greater the bounty of crop yield […]

Spotted Eagle Owls in multiple dangers

I read that the Barn Owls are so named because they moved from wild, originally purely woodland habitats to traditional English grain stores otherwise barns. the farmers conveniently left openings at the top of the barns so that Barn Owls would land before using the opening to get into the barn. Inside the barn, biological […]

A poisons’ (especially Furadan’s) weekend!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Apologies if this post’s heading is troubling; I could not find any better title. I also wish to humbly inform my dear readers that I must leave certain organization’s names out so that this does not turn personal. I was not comfortable when somebody that matters in […]

Worrying situation of the China Milk Poisoning

Hi, Just how extensive is the damage caused by the China melanine-laced milk poisoning?In a recent development, Filipino olympians seemingly have to take tests according to the Phillipine delegation.Probably all olympians should be tested regardless of whether they directly drank the milk or not, including our Kenyan athletes dominated by a tribe renowned for its […]

Lessons from China milk poisoning for the Kenyan situation

Melamine-contaminated milk poisoning in China as we now know did not begin with the epidemic of kidney stones in human kids that reached us just a couple of weeks ago. Gorilla babies, orangoutans and a lion cub have followed suit. Many more animals that rely on the mammary gland effusion must have fallen victim as […]