Monthly Archives: September 2008

Chinese poison milk effects reach zoos

More and more effects of the China milk poisoning are becoming apparent as more zoo animals get diagnosed with kidney stones. this ordeal seems set to last since it has apparently been a concealed agenda for a while. Two orangutans (must be what were referred to as Gorrilas), aged one and three, and a lion […]

Gorrilas suspected to be poisoned by milk powder

It is finally right under our noses. A substance that kills man or animal, the other could just be a step away from falling victim as well. Two gorrilas are suspected to be the latest victims of the china Milk powder poisoning.Much as we have lacking information as far as the effects of eating carbofuran-poisoned […]

Crumbling wildlife haven

Hi, I am just heading back to Nairobi from a place called Machakos, about 70km from Nairobi. One of Kenya’s 60 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) is found here and is known as Machakos IBA. I have a personal interest in this area; I have been monitoring a Wahlberg’s Eagle pair in the area for the […]

Furadan not ranked amongst top ten most used pesticides by crop farmers

I am looking at a 200g pesticide pack just 15cm away on my desk. It is Furadan 5G. In a workshop on pesticide externalities that I attended hardly a fortnight ago, it turned out that Furadan 5G is not ranked amongst the top ten most used pesticide in a sampled part of central Kenya. Central […]

Kenyan’s wildlife pesticide poisoning insensitivity

A dog’s death is causing serious concern in Orleans! Though the poisoning ruling is based on clear symptoms by the dog suggesting anticoagulant rodenticide poisoning rather than toxicological analysis, this just shows how sensitive and animal welfare mindful the Orleans community is. We have lost at least 58 big cats amongst many other wildlife in […]

More Predators and Scavengers at risk

In August this year (2008) I had a noble opportunity of viewing Lake Naivasha’s biodiversity from a fisherman’s view. I mean I hook hiked on a boat ride. The diversity of birds and the jumbo hippos as well as the varied water vegetation were nothing short of beauty. I however observed something that I had […]

The secrecy in wildlife poisoning

Yesterday BBC reported on reject on calls for ban on bush meat in central Africa. Frances Seymour, director general of CIFOR – the Centre for International Forestry Research-speaking to the BBC amongst other things warned that “Criminalising the whole issue of bushmeat simply drives it underground.”. He may just have been right especially when I […]

supervision lacking

Hi. Apologies for not posting on the blog for a while. I just emerged from a pesticides workshop in which notably and commendable were farmers; thanks to the organizers of the workshop. What emerged of animal poisoning from this workshop from the farmers was their commendable knowledge on pesticides. They all seemed to acknowledge the […]


Hi, I just thought it would be refreshing if you took a look at these handful photos for your weekend. These are part of my collection that I have from wildlife poisoning surveys.May be you could test your knowledge on these African raptors as well and put it as your comments? I will give you […]

Soil Cleaner at risk?

I have not been in touch with worms for a while. Today’s story on BBC on earthworms caught my attention because a worm is the sublect of interest. Nematodes which are worms are the intended target by carbofuran nematicide. Nematodes are mostly are free-living; found in soil where they are important decomposers. Some are parasitic, […]