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Four Buzzards Killed in Ireland

Yesterday I put up a post on investigations on raptor poisoning in Scotland following outrageous poisoning cases in Dumfries and Galloway. In Ireland, other investigations are now on for suspected poisoned buzzards found on Monday in Drumbanagher area near Poyntzpass. At this rate, I feel the United Kingdom leads in the madness of poisoning of […]

….poison to safeguard crops

Hi all, In Kenya, some infuriated pastoralists have been known to set out poisoned bait to nab the culprits that killed their stock. It is however a crude technique since nobody herds the lions (other carnivores) towards the poisoned bait so that in the end the real culprit is the one condemnmed to death when […]

Raptor poisoning still worrying in Scotland

Chris Rollie, RSPB Scotland’s area manager for Dumfries and Galloway, said: “When great efforts are being made to attract visitors to rural areas, the negative message of an illegally poisoned countryside is the last thing we need, while the effect on wildlife is appalling.” Dumfries and Galoway is notorious and recently this year, four buzzards […]

Urbanization of birds

At Wildlife Direct in Nairobi, I sit at a place that overlooks a modern neighbourhood and I have a bird’s eye view of birds soaring/flying above the houses: swifts, pigeons and raptors dominate the show. At Wildlife Direct offices, located on the srventh floor in Nairobi,I sit at a location where I overlook a modern […]

No poison sprays here against the birds

Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) is one of Kenya’s local agricultural produce improvement institutions. Several centres of its kind are located in various parts of the republic. The KARI, Katumani station is an outstanding of these centers, not by virtue of having come up with the fast maturing maize breed, Katumani, after which the centre […]

Toxic Chemicals are all around and all round

Hi all, We are now struggling with pushing on with the implimentation of the outcomes of the just convened meeting of the Stop Wildlife Poisoning Task Force at Wildlife Direct, Nairobi, Kenya . We still hope Richard Leakey’s call for ban of carbofuran will yield a reasonable response from the government. Meanwhile we are trying […]

Toxic dumps in Africa

During our meeting yesterday Angela from WWF told us about the problem of pesticide dumping in Africa constitutes one of the most serious environmental crimes that she is working on. The implications for Wildlife are enormous. Africa it seems, is Europe’s most popular dumping ground for radioactive waste and toxic chemicals. Although the European Union […]

Please submit comments on the EPA’s carbofuran revocation proposal

Hi Everyone, this is Paula. We sat in a meeting today with members of the Stop Wildlife Poisoning Task Force to discuss progress, or should I dare say ‘lack of progress’??? The Agricultural Association  of Kenya is the only government agency that has responded  to our letters calling for a ban on Carbofuran in Kenya. […]

Poisoning for Ivory

Apparently poisonig has become the stylish technique of depressing our wildlife and all for the wrong reasons. With the poisoned tip of a metal arrow piercing her right leg, a pregnant elephant stumbles miles through the African bush towards her death. After two days of agony she falls to the red earth, while her killers, […]

The poisoner to undo the Poisoning

Hi, “In these woods, I am the master!” Hunting or is it poaching which may involve weapons or poisoning is by far a mastery of skill rather than a crude means of survival as is mostly perceived. I have had a couple chances during which I have talked to a poacher/hunter/poisoner by mingling in a […]