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The ups and downs–and realities–of wildlife forensics

Hi all, First of all, Martin thank you SO much for all your posts, you’ve put so much time into them and they are really informative. I have been horrified to read about the ongoing indiscriminate use of Furadan, it’s a wonder we have any wildlife left in Kenya at all! I have been very […]

Just announced – EPA prohibits Carbofuran on food!

Instead of banning carbofuran in agriculture, the EPA  has banned residues on food. I hope we can use this to make a change in Kenya! Check out this press release EPA Issues Landmark Decision to Prohibit Deadly Pesticide Carbofuran Residues on Food Decision Will Improve Human Safety and End Poisonings of Birds   (Washington, D.C. […]

In the face of poisoning

HI. I am so sorry for being ‘off’. I hooked a hike. I am in Sopa Lodge in Samburu National Reserve for the night as I type. See the photo below. Sorry for the poor quality: Power was running low and the photo was taken in the night at around 22.15hrs. yet the lighting conditions […]

Pesticide Situation

Hi. I recently got the opportunity to get an introductory overview of the situation of pesticides in Kenya using the case example of Nairobi City. Communicating to a specialist and key figure at Consumer Watch Kenya, a leading organization in Kenya that fights for better quality and safety of products and services for Kenyan consumers, […]

Digital Camera Donations to Wildlife Direct

Hi. Sorry for a replica post. This however is meant to clarify that we do not restrict our request for digital cameras to just monetary donations but actual cameras are equally accepted. we know that some people have old digital cameras that they don’t use any more that we could actually make good use of […]

Wildlife Direct in need of digital cameras

Hi. While our Stop Wildlife Poisoning Campaign is on-going, we like to appeal for your support towards purchasing 2 digital cameras to be used by the Stop Wildlife Poisoning team. A piece of this costs around $500 in Kenya. While the team is constituted of 14 members, not all have digital cameras especially by virtue […]

Safe for now?

Hi. It is a bright thursday 17/07/2008 afternoon unlike the many gloomy, cloudy afternoons that have been since last month. I am perched on my seat looking across a broad window overlooking one of Nairobi’s upper middle class surburbs, otherwise called Hurlingham. As I contemplate where to begin, a Black Kite flies by in my […]

“Blood Pesticides”

While Endosulfan is hitting headlines with majority public hatred outcry in Philippines, Carbofuran is hitting headlines with informed minority hatred outcry- those who have seen and know the devastating implications not just to wildlife but also to humans. But Endosulfan’s effects are witnessed in the exceptionally high prevalence of birth defects among children in Asia. […]

Not just birds,also fish…

It all happens in such fields and waterways that supply water to the Bunyala Rice Scheme. At this point I am confused which is wrong: poisoning fish or eating poisoned fish? No. I mean which is MORE wrong? For sure both are wrong. I think in short ‘we are poisoning us!’-Human beings and other wildlife! […]

Carbofuran Weekend Quiz

Hi. I am trying to pick out every possible poisoning area in Kenya without spending a lot of time figuring out which of the many are likely. Going to each is obviously absurd. There is great urgency to quickly expose and get to work-create awareness and monitor on all areas where wildlife poisoning is going […]