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If Furadan was bitter….

It is no doubt now that hunting was and still contributes largely to the loss of biodiversity. Many governments have put stringent penalties on hunters of wildlife. In a way it has worked because gone are days when you would meet a hunter wielding a gun, a spear or a bow and arrow unless if […]

Furadan Pandemic

USA is struggling to ban carbofuran, in Kenya we are struggling under its sinewy arm that continues to batter wildlife. Then we hear of carbofuran poisoning in Canada as reported by The Daily Observer where the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources is investigating into a case where baits with the chemical have been laid in […]

‘Sugar’ Poison

In Isiolo and Maralal districts of Kenya, whose inhabitants are mostly pastoralist communities, carnivore-domestic livestock encounters are known to occur virtually on a daily basis. The local Borana, Somali and even Turkana lament of crippling losses of their livestock. Initial conversation with these people gives one the impression that they only look on and cannot […]

Water saved victims of furadan poisoning

Hi, its Martin. I just wonder if giving water to furadan-poisoned wildlife (other than birds) is reliable first aid if anyone came across an animal obviously poisoned by furadan. In Certain places, you are almost 100% sure that any poisoning incidence is from furadan. In one of my surveys, I came across a bird vendor […]

Furadan for capturing and killing birds (only birds?) in Busia, Kenya

Hi, I am Martin Odino. I just joined Wildlife Direct to coordinate and work with WD’s Furadan Task Force. I have been collecting information on furadan use, distribution and legislation of the chemical in certain parts of Kenya and the local regulatory agency respectively. I am still collecting information on furadan use, cases of its […]

Lion poisoning story on BBC today!

We have just been informed that the carbofuran poisoning story by BBC’s Adam Mynot has just aired on BBC World It is also all over the BBC website In his investigative report covering the lion poisonings in Masai Mara on BBC website (BBC Tv and BBC radio)Adam notes that he went to buy Furadan and […]

A glasgow vet in Africa talks about poisoning wildlife

I have been reading blogs by A Glasgow Vet in Africa which picks up news from Wildlife Direct from time to time. He reports that vultures and hyaenas have been poisoned in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National park, including an entire clan of twelve animals near the village of Kasenyi, on the shores of Lake George.

Wildlife Poisoning team need help!

I’ve been reading about wildlife poisoning in Africa and can’t help feeling that we need to do something really urgently. After our Stop Wildlife Poisoning workshop we issued a press release and were surprised to read that the Kenyan officials as well as pesticide producing/marketing company were denying the dangers of these toxic chemicals, and […]

Poisoning of lion cubs for stuffed animal trade

This is an not new information but it’s still interesting. I just found out that in 2006 six rare Abyssinian lion cubs were poisoned in a zoo because authorities could not afford to feed them. However, Muhedin Abdulaziz, the administrator at the Lion Zoo in the capital, Addis Ababa, said “The dead cubs were sold […]

Stop releasing balloons!

For those interested in following news on wildlife threats including disease and poisoning, the Wildlife Disease News Digest is the place to visit. In this article biologists in UK are calling for the ban on release of balloons as they are polluting the environment and killing wild animals.  It would seem rather obvious that baloons […]