Monthly Archives: May 2008

Database of poisoning incidents – can you provide information?

I’m collating information on incidents of use of carbofuran and other poisons to deliberately or accidentally kill wildlife in Kenya, to develop a database that can be used as evidence in the debate on whether carbofuran should be controlled / banned in this county, and as a permanent catalogue. If you know of any poisoning […]

Another example of wildlife deaths through legal use of carbamates

Ngaio is right that proving wildlife mortalities are caused by the legal use of Furadan must be a strong legal argument for banning it.  There was a tragic incident of rare Angolan black and white colobus monkeys in Diani, Kenya, being accidentally poisoned recently by a carbamate.  This was first reported by the Colobus Trust […]

Sifting through the issues

Hi, this is Ngaio again.  Thanks to everyone for their comments and research. I think a few major issues are emerging here. First and foremost, there is the issue of whether or not wildlife mortality and endangerment to human health have arrisen from legal (or labeled) useage or from illegal use. If it arises from […]

Lion killed on Borana

I have had reported to me that on Borana ranch (Laikipia District, Kenya) on the 25th April, rangers discovered one adult male lion dead near the boundary with Mukogodo forest.  According to the ranch management the most likely cause of death was poisoning, although unfortunately they were unable to get a sample from the stomach […]

138 people poisoned in Kenya – could it be carbofuran?

I‘ve been shocked at the response from our government and private agencies about the carbofuran allegations. We are apparently a nation in total denial. I’ve just seen this on Nat Geo  in which Nicholas Wadhams relates his interview with FMC and  – I quote … “Philadelphia-based FMC Corporation, the maker of carbofuran, denies WildlifeDirect’s claims […]