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Hi, this is Ngaio. I had a quick sift around to get more information on Mocap, more specifically on ethoprop, its ingredient. Incidentally, if you’re ever curious about pesticides or other compounds and you find yourself confronted by a page full of numbers, letters and chemical formulas (which can be a bit overwhelming!), here are […]

Furadan is purple!

Hi again this is Paula again.  One of the arguments during our meeting on Friday revolved around allegations of the use of Furadan in a fogging machine in the Mara to control mosquitoes. It was alleged that the fogging of vegetation contributed to the deaths of the 5 hippos and subsequent paralysis of 5 lions. […]

Paralysed lion video

Greetings everyone, this is the first post of a multi authored STOP WILDLIFE POISONING blog. Our meeting last week in Nairobi revealed the shocking damage that carbofurans are having on Kenya’s wildlife and led to a press release on Monday by Richard Leakey that has already attracted much local and international interest by the Daily […]